First edition: 13 – 16th November 2014 | Elvira Popescu Cinema | Bucharest, Romania

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UrbanEye Film Festival 2014 from UrbanEye on Vimeo.

Urban Eye Film Festival 2014 – making of from UrbanEye on Vimeo.

UrbanEye is the first Romanian film festival that encourages discussions about the city through films – documentaries, features, shorts or animations.
Its first edition brought together those passionate about film and the places they live in. Four days of film screenings, workshops, open talks, and special events for children, all of which touched on the most unexpected yet current aspects of urban life, and challenged the viewer to see the world through different eyes: urban eyes.
The selection of films that feature the city and architecture, as both subjects and actors, was structured into 3 sections: Authentic vs. Simulacrum; Homeless People and Peopleless Homes; Interferences.