UrbanEye Film Festival 2016 brings to Bucharest award-winning documentaries, competing films, workshops and debates about the cities we live in.

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The third edition of the UrbanEye Film Festival will take place in Bucharest, between the 16th and the 20th of November, at Elvira Popescu Cinema and the Eforie Cinematheque. For the first time in our country, the festival will bring award-winning documentaries to the big screen, addressing themes related to the built environment in various manners, with regard to the way this environment takes shape, as well as the people who inhabit it. Despite being produced in different parts of the world, the films are also relevant to the current Romanian context; for this reason, the festival’s program also includes discussions and debates with professionals from various fields who will make the connections between the chosen subjects and the local context. Therefore, the UrbanEye Film Festival will, once again, open the discussion about our cities.

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UrbanEye Film Festival 2016 Teaser from UrbanEye on Vimeo.

The wars and natural disasters that have shaken the planet in the last ten years have brought up the issue of partial or, in some cases, total displacement of the population, and have resulted, at the same time, in the loss of an important part of our cultural heritage. For this reason, two of the fundamental themes of this year’s festival will revolve around the concept of Memory, as well as that of Home. Among the movies that will be displayed in relation to the previously mentioned themes, we will name The Destruction of Memory (d. Tim Slade, USA, 2016), which poses the significant problem of cultural losses caused by wars, as well as their effect on community identity and memory, and A Wallnut Tree (d. Ammar Aziz, Pakistan, 2015), illustrating the story of a Pakistani family in a refugee camp, torn between an uncertain future and the yearning to return home.

While the movies featured by the past editions of the UrbanEye festival  have been focused around forms of urban habitation, this year, a different and less talked about – yet equally important – theme is addressed: Water. In this section, the movie H2Omx (d.  José Cohen, Lorenzo Hagerman, Mexico, 2013) will be broadcast, investigating the water crises faced by one of the biggest cities in the world: Mexico City. The standing theme entitled Portraits of Architects will be revisited this year through the broadcasting of Getting Frank Gehry (d. A.P. Komen, Karen Murphy, Australia, 2015), a movie that tells the controversial story of the first building erected by architect Frank Gehry in Australia.

The festival will also include the UrbanEye Competition: films inspired by the architectural and urban realities in Romania will be competing this year for the UrbanEye prize and will be broadcast as part of the festival.

UrbanEye Film Festival will also be maintaining its educational element this year: My First Documentary, a workshop dedicated to teenagers, organized in collaboration with the Vira Association and the Komunitas Association, will be part of the program, as well as a workshop dedicated to children, organized in partnership with „de-a arhitectura”. The Pro Patrimonio Foundation will be broadcasting the movie Golescu Crafts: Honest Goods as part of the festival, a feature on the making of clay objects by the locals of the Muscel region.

The complete program of the UrbanEye Film Festival will be available soon.

The UrbanEye Project was initiated in 2014 as a platform for discussing the city through film, dedicated not only to the professionals in this area, but to any local who is interested in the city he lives in. The UrbanEye film festival in a project belonging to the ARTA în dialog Association. The third edition of the festival in a Cultural Project financed as part of the Cultural Program București - Orașul in-vizibil, co-financed by OAR.