Karsten Drohsel websizeKarsten Michael Drohsel is working in Urban and Regional planning and game design and leads Impulsbüro in Berlin (Office for Urban Research, explorative spatial practice and urban education). His work focuses on the ‘gamicipation’ (participation with and by games and gaming methods) of cities, processes which transform work into play, using these engaging processes to encourage and facilitate better citizen participation. Karsten is also a member of mikromakro e.v, an interdisciplinary team of urban and regional planners, architects, social scientists, economists and designers. The group work on new ways of participation in urban and local contexts, using games as a methodology to develop citizen empowerment. Karsten Michael Drohsel will attend the Q&A after the screening of Gaming the Real World.

Krzysztof Ingarden is an architect, academic teacher and the Dean at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts, AFM Krakow utf-8''IMG_4479 - Krzysztof Ingarden -7x10 300dpi-  fot A websizeUniversity. In the year 2009 received the prestigious Honorary Award of Polish Architects Association. Film producer and screenwriter, in 2016-17 he produced the film “The Idea is Paramount, The Architectural passions of Andrzej Wajda” (premiere 06-2017), directed by Jacek Link Lenczowski. He`s also the curator of the following exhibitions: “Localized Modernism, contemporary Chinese Architecture” Manggha Museum Krakow, 2017; “Poland” – UIA Congress 2011, Tokyo, Japan. Krzysztof Ingarden will attend the Q&A after the screening of The Idea is Paramount. The Architectural Passions of Andrzej Wajda.

Photo_MirunaDunu websizeMiruna Dunu is a Romanian-born (1991) visual designer with an architectural background. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Architecture (2013) with First Class Honours from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, and a Master of Arts in Information Design (2017) from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. She worked in architecture and in theatre, both fields greatly influencing her work. She expressed her passion for space and visuality through her first film “Coastland”.


Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou. Born in Mexico City to a Greek/Mexican family and subsequently growing up in Chile and the Klearjos_Eduardo_Papanicolaou websizeUS before moving to the UK, Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou is a filmmaker influenced by ethnographic methods. His first film was a no-budget, feature length documentary entitled The Seven Sisters Indoor Market, a cinematic documentary portrait of a Latin American migrant community in London caught in the midst of the city’s urban transformation. He is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland, where he works with the interdisciplinary design collective, Urban-Think Tank. Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou will attend the Q&A after the screening of The Disappearance of Robin Hood.

Ana Elian websizeAna-Maria Elian is an urbanist specialized in Urbanism, Public Politics and Program Director in MKBT: Make better, an organization which activates in local development and urban regeneration. Over the past 5 years, she has developed programs and action tools for the regeneration of cities and communities in Romania, building links between the strategic organization of the city and local actions, led by the community. Currently, she is the coordinator of the No Man’s Land project – recognition, responsibility and shared solutions within MKBT: Make Better. The aim of the project is mainly about the recognition and regulation of informal settlements in Romania.

Ioana Petrache studied economics and anthropology and has been working in community development since 2009. Most of herioana petrache websize work consisted in facilitating participatory processes, from punctual workshops to long-lasting processes which resulted in the formation of groups of civic initiative or community organizations. In the past few years, she has been alternating projects based on social change and sociological and anthropological research. Currently, she is a Project Manager at the PACT Foundation and coordinates the No Man’s Land project – recognition, responsibility and shared solutions, for the recognition and regulation of informal settlements in Romania.
Ana-Maria Elian and Ioana Petrache will attend the Q&A after the screening of No Man’s Land.