Slumbering Concrete: Megastructures

Director:Saša Ban
Projection:SÂMBĂTĂ, 10 noiembrie, Cinema Elvire Popesco

A documentary series about modernist architecture, its utopian ambitions and controversial fate.
The first season deals with Croatian tourist architecture – places where citizens from the East and the West could meet during the Cold War and, together with the locals, put aside their differences in moments of leisure. Surrounded by breathtaking natural sites, many of these fascinating structures now stand abandoned and deteriorating, left to oblivion. The proud ruins bear witness to our recent history, when it was thought that architecture could make the world a better place. At the same time, they are a disturbing testament to the badly managed privatisation processes, as well as the inability of the governing elites to solve the most pressing social issues.
Has it become a lost civilization or are we capable of reviving this 50-year-old heritage?

Tickets for the film “Slumbering Concrete: Megastructures ” can be bought here.