The Idea is Paramount. The Architectural Passions of Andrzej Wajda

Director:Jacek Link-Lenczowsk
Projection:VINERI, 9 noiembrie, Cinema Elvire Popesco
Subtitles:Română, Engleză

The Idea Is Paramount. The Architectural Passions of Andrzej Wajda uncovers the so far unknown interests of a remarkable filmmaker Andrzej Wajda. However, it is not a biographical film but a story of passion, architecture and fascination with the culture of Japan and the Far East. Andrzej Wajda, the Academy Award and the Golden Bear winner for his body of work and the European Film Award and the Golden Lion lifetime achievement awards recipient, for many years devoted an important part of his creative energy to architecture. The documentary is an attempt to capture this relation – from his admiration for this kind of art to his substantial contribution to the process of new buildings being created in Krakow.The starting point for the documentary were the conversations between the filmmaker and an architect Krzysztof Ingarden dubbed by Wajda himself the conversations between an enthusiast and an architect. Their cooperation began in 1987 and turned into a long‑standing friendship and led to a development of joint architectural projects. This gave birth to the innovative buildings like the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology designed by a Japanese artist Arata Isozaki or Pawilon Wyspiańskiego designed by Krzysztof Ingarden. In the film we witness the process of shaping of the ideas for the new buildings, we look at the hand‑drawn designs and get to know the details of their implementation.The film is not only a lesson on architecture, but also a story – full of anecdotes – that follows the unflagging, spontaneous energy with which one of the greatest European film directors talks about his consecutive ideas. And the ideas, as Wajda used to believe, are paramount.

01 A Wajda i K Ingarden foto©Jan Ingarden

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